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As a company with almost 40 years of experience in the medical sleep research and development field we know that what matters most to you is ensuring you live life to the full by managing your sleep first!

We are a business that is focused on your sleep needs as our prime concern. We always direct customers away from buying online in the first instance. Getting the right system for your condition is essential to ensuring quality of sleep and daytime concentration and activity.

We have found that people who buy online in haste often experience:

  • That they save money upfront but it costs them more in the long term!
  • A lack of ongoing support for their condition, not just the CPAP machine!
  • No returns or guarantees from their provider!
  • In some cases, customers find that other suppliers import equipment from other countries which undermines the support, and warranty possibilities in Australia!

In many cases the supplier is simply selling on equipment with limited or no medical experience or support.

That’s why you need a company you can rely on to be there when you need them most. We believe that’s us!

National Sleep Care is a family run company founded on medical diagnostic experience and provision of the right solution that makes a difference. We have clinics across New South Wales and service the whole of Australia and handle all returns and warranties ourselves.

After all, every face is different and deserves the right solution, and we care about the long-term solution that will help you with your daily lifestyle!

Whether it’s a pre-sales enquiry or a need to know more about the practice of using a CPAP’s machine, what we have found most is that people like talking to us first. Our customers range from busy working mums struggling to drop off the kids in the morning, business people and professionals who really struggle to push on through long tiring afternoons without yawning, and people who have retired who just need to top up on the daily sleep needs. Either way, getting the right solution is essential to make the daytime better as well as the sleep time!

Give us a call now, we will be very pleased to direct you to a solution that helps manage your daily lifestyle by managing your sleep as a first priority!

You can also pop in and see us at one of our clinics throughout New South Wales. If you require a consultation please ring ahead. We can also do consultation over a video-call (using Skype or Freecall)

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Just for stopping by to see us! Our first priority is always to make sure you are able to manage your sleep apnea well and lead a full and active life. Help is only a phone call away and its free! We also offer consultation services on premises in our offices or via telephone or skype. Drop us a line now to book in: 1300 590 836

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