National Sleep Care Corporate and Social Responsibility

National Sleep Care Corporate Social Responsibility

National Sleep Care Australia is involved in medical research and the provision of medical products and consulting services. As such our approach to how we conduct our business within Society and especially with our Customers and the environment is of the utmost importance to us as an organisation and a business.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility is based fundamentally on the first tenet of the Hippocratic Oath “First do no harm”. Accordingly we operate on the basis of the following principles:

1. A solid commitment to our customers


Our medical mission is to assist the needs of Australians in respiratory illness support and guidance. We believe it is a fair maxim to say that all Australians should have access to a high degree of support, and care as a priority. Where this relates to the area of sleep health we believe we provide this as our priority for our customers.

We achieve this mission through the provision of medical research, medical consulting practice, and sourcing and supplying sleep and respiratory relating products from reputable suppliers.


2. A commitment to our staff nationwide 

Supporting our staff correctly provides a very high level of success in supporting our clients and also managing the well being and future of all our employees. We ensure that we are dedicated to providing a work environment that is supporting, safe, and respectful for our customers and staff alike can feel supported and encouraged. Learning and education necessarily follows in growing our staff’s experience and ability, and throughout the year we develop staff ability with continuous, ongoing training events to help staff develop their skills beyond us.

This has helped us to attract a very good quality of staff who stay with us as long term employees.

We have a consistent and balanced approach to:

  • Equal employment opportunities
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Retention of current staff
  • Recruitment of new staff
  • Equal pay arrangements
  • Training and Personal Development
  • Workplace Health and Safety


3. An interested and applied commitment to Community 

National Sleep Care has a good experience of contributing to the Australian community. Our contribution has been made through engagement as a corporate citizen, working with genuine and ethical practices, and creating value to the Australian economy. We also offer help through direct community support. We’re strongly committed to investing in support of research into health services through our work with all the sleep related illness manufacturers and General Medical field. There are in excess of 140,000 people in Australia who suffers from Sleep Apnea. What we do has a direct positive impact on the lives of people across Australia for both Sleep Apnea patients and their partners.


4. A commitment to and awareness of the Environment 

Where possible we have a sustainability focussed use of resources as well as legal and regulatory compliance in all our business practices. These necessarily include our legal obligations under environmental legislation. As far as is possible to us we act responsibly to minimise and offset any impact that our operations may have on things like consumption of water and energy as well as the use of any raw materials, including printed and paper materials. The disposal of any clinical waste from our consulting practices naturally comply with all the environmental standards.


5. Commitment to good business governance

Corporate governance within National Sleep Care in Australia is transparent, accountable, and most importantly it is traceable across all aspects of our business.

We’re obligated to run our business in absolute compliance with law and with the greatest standards of both personal and business integrity.

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