Resmed Airmini

The Lightweight and Portable Resmed Airmini Makes Traveling Easier 

The Resmed Airmini solves a dilemma for the sleep apnoea patient who loves to travel. The traditional CPAP machine is heavy and cumbersome. National Sleep Care provides you with a portable solution that is light and easy to use. 

The Importance of ResMed AirMini CPAP and Transcend Mini CPAP

CPAP users report the immediate effects of a good night’s sleep. They are more alert, and their concentration is sharper during the day. Read below why the Airmini is the traveller’s dream. 

  • The traditional CPAP machine is cumbersome and requires a separate bag when traveling. The Airmini is the size of a deck of cards that can fit into a briefcase or purse, and the tubing and mask can fit in carry-on luggage. People are more apt to continue using a CPAP when traveling since they won’t avoid leaving it at home. 
  • Backpackers who use a CPAP found it next to impossible to take their traditional CPAP machine into the wilderness since they don’t want to carry the added weight. The Airmini solves two problems. It is lightweight and small so that it can fit in a backpack. There is a battery pack that offers up to two nights of use before requiring a recharge. With a better night’s sleep, hikers can forge through the woods effortlessly.
  • Traveling overseas demands that you have the equipment to meet the powers standards of the countries you visit. The Airmini supports a universal power supply so that it powers up in countries all over the world. Because the Airmini is small, you’ll have room for souvenirs in your baggage when you return.

Tips for getting more value out of the Resmed Airmini P10 and Resmed Airmini F20

You have a choice of masks to attach to the Airmini. The P10 and the F20 are both designed to prevent air leakage. Read more below on how they differ.

  • The F20 is a full-face mask that reduces air leakage and has additional support on the sides of the nose, and the new design of the vent reduces noise. 
  • The nasal pillows of the P10 are the most popular masks in the Resmed family. It is small, feather-light, and fits into your nostrils and is quieter than most masks on the market.
  • Both masks are fully functional and comfortable to wear. The F20 nasal mask is a better choice if you move around in your sleep, or you need a higher pressure setting on your CPAP machine. The P10 nasal pillow is better for those who may feel claustrophobic with the F20 mask and works well with people who breathe through their nose or who have a lot of facial hair.

Why trust National Sleep Care Regarding Resmed Airmini from Australia

We have over 40 years of experience in medical sleep research. We are a family run business as dedicated to your needs before you purchase the machine, as we are long after you use the equipment. We know sleep, and we want you to rely on us. Contact us today with any questions.

Traveling is easier for sleep apnoea patients with the Resmed Airmini. Let us guide you to an easy solution for traveling with your CPAP machine.

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