ResMed AirFit 20 Full Face Mask


Product image 1ResMed AirFit 20 Full Face Mask
Product image 2ResMed AirFit 20 Full Face Mask
Product image 3ResMed AirFit 20 Full Face Mask
Product image 4ResMed AirFit 20 Full Face Mask
Product image 5ResMed AirFit 20 Full Face Mask

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The AirFit F20 is a unique lifestyle changer. Made in Australia, this product is an innovative mask with a cushion that is designed to accommodate a range of different facial structures. The aim of the F20 is to provide a secure fit and comfortable seal tailored to your therapy needs. 

Discover the new cushion’s geometry here.



Key Features

  • Outstanding fit- Designed to fit every face with ease, AirFit F20 combines an innovative cushion silicone seal to accommodate miss fitting and to deliver an outstanding experience for full face mask users.
  • Easy to use- The creation of ResMed’s simple magnetic clips and a quick release elbow. This creates the perfect bed time partner.
  • Simple to Wash- ResMed’s Design of easy detachable parts allow for quick and simple cleaning. (Hand wash your mask and headgear by gently rubbing in warm (approximately 30°C) water using mild liquid detergent. Rinse all components well under running water and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight.) ©ResMed 2016

Cleaning your f20 mask

  • Clear Vision- With minimal facial coverage the AirFit F20 mask has accommodated for Clear field of vision for reading or watching TV in bed.
  • Freedom of Movement- With flexible hinge joint and a 360° elbow rotation. The AirFit F20 mask becomes simple and easy to manipulate
  • Patient Tested and Preferred- Recent ResMed studies have shown that, when comparing against the current market-leading full face mask, 86% of all patients tested prefer the seal of AirFit F20. In terms of stability and ease of use, the majority of patients studies also prefer AirFit F20 over the current markets leader. AirFit F20 is designed so patients are able to fit and adjust the mask without assistance. © ResMed 2016

Tested to perform up at high therapy pressures, ResMed’s new generation of masks distinguishes itself as they are designed to provide a comfortable and effective seal. The mask accommodate miss fitting, as well as patient movement during sleep, therefore is designed to perform well under challenging circumstances to facilitate therapy © ResMed 2016




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